Neverwinter's New Age

New Shanadar Part 2

The day of the closing arguements in the case of Mayara has come. The prosecutors give their evidence, and it’s all very scathing. Now, it is our turn to show the three judges our evidence. We have chosen three members of our party to give a particular piece of evidence to try and sway a particular judge. First, Malcom goes and tries to spin a majestic tale of how this can not be Mayara’s blame. He hits a homerun and wows the judges, and the audience with his laying out of the evidence. Next to go is the dwarf Dorn. Not much is expected of him because he is trying to sway the judge who will be the hardest to sway, Orien Mistcrown, the uncle of one of the Starblades who we recently killed in battle. Surprisingly, Dorn gives a brillant oration relating to the wisdom, and pure facts of concrete evidence that relates to the innocence of Mayara, and the indepth corruption of the eladrin in Shanadar. Judd gives the final part of evidence. He uses his intellect and the unholy, demonic tome that we discovered as the main focus of all he relates to the court. Once again, his performance was brillant, and it’s now a foredrawn conclusion by the performances of the three party members that Mayara will be declared innocent. The judges take a brief recess to ponder all the evidence. After a bit, Captain Curdailen returns with his depelted company all battered and beaten bearing grave news. It appears our sending to Lady Merrisara Winterwhite was not in time. Her party was indeed ambushed, and she was slain by the hands of the vicious dwarf Favria. This is a tremendous blow to New Shanadar because she was the defacto leader and the one true good and lawful part of this chaotic realm. We’re eventually called back to the courtroom where the decision will be rendered. Mayara is found innocent of all counts by a unanimous 3 to 0 ruling. The fey in the audience are outraged and a small riot starts. The party decides it’s best that we take all Captain Curdailen’s men and retreat back to Neverwinter, for it is quite certain that New Shanadar is no longer a safe place for a good guy. After a bit, Captain Curdailen has learned that one of the key witnesses, Addemios Three-Dawn, has been seen with Lady Merrisara Winterwhite’s famous sword in his possession. It’s been also deduced that he intends to go to the Feywild and try to free a very powerful and evil fey, Mnemnia, a half eladrin, half spider from her prison. The party leaves to try and stop with him with the help of Captain Curdailen and his company of loyal followers. We arrive and find that the portal to the Feywild is blocked by a company of Ashmaadi lead by Favria. The party wastes no time with parlay. Lady Merrisara Winterwhite needs to be avenged, thus Favria needs to be killed. The party attacks!!!

New Sharandar part 1
Ambushed 2/9/14

The company of New Winter, accompanied by Captain Curdailen were ambushed by the Elven company known as the Starblades, led by their lieutenant Rilvatar Olirien Mistcrown. After a few hard fought rounds, all of the Starblades were killed. Captain Curdailen was hurt badly, but was saved by the healing prowess of Malcolm. After inspecting the bodies, marks of Asmodeus were found on all of the elf attackers. After a brief rest, the party traveled to the place where Mayara Sulbrandil was thought to have originally massacred a group of elves years ago. After a brief look around it was discovered that a large tree fort was now very much occupied by non elf residents. Gloom used his powers of stealth and shadow to force the interlopers out of their den, where a battle ensued. A horse sized green dragon was in their midst, but fled after the first round after being hit hard by the assassin Gloom. All of the enemies were slain but one, which was kept for questioning. It was determined that the occupants were members of the Cult of the Dragon and were working with the Ashmaadi. There has been a very secretive, and widespread incursion of the cult of Asmodeus into the Sharandar ranks over the past years. The company explored, inspected, and tore about the surrounding area to find various clues in help them in the Mayara Sulbrandil investigation. It had been determined that Mayara Sulbrandil had a ritual cast on her that bonded a devil inside of her, and marked her with the eye of Asmodeus. It was also learned that the Dwarf cutlist Feyveril, had laid a trap for Lady Merrisara Winterwhite. A group of Ashmaadi had fed her faulty information about an Elvish magic item cache, and were waiting to ambush her. The party used a sending ritual to warn her, but is not sure if she was warned in time or not. After twelve hours of gathering information, the party headed back to New Sharandar to try and save Mayara from her fate. With all of the new information in their hands, the party will now try and persuade the judges of Mayara’s innocence. Will they succeed? We will find out next week.

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