Neverwinter's New Age

New Sharandar part 1

Ambushed 2/9/14

The company of New Winter, accompanied by Captain Curdailen were ambushed by the Elven company known as the Starblades, led by their lieutenant Rilvatar Olirien Mistcrown. After a few hard fought rounds, all of the Starblades were killed. Captain Curdailen was hurt badly, but was saved by the healing prowess of Malcolm. After inspecting the bodies, marks of Asmodeus were found on all of the elf attackers. After a brief rest, the party traveled to the place where Mayara Sulbrandil was thought to have originally massacred a group of elves years ago. After a brief look around it was discovered that a large tree fort was now very much occupied by non elf residents. Gloom used his powers of stealth and shadow to force the interlopers out of their den, where a battle ensued. A horse sized green dragon was in their midst, but fled after the first round after being hit hard by the assassin Gloom. All of the enemies were slain but one, which was kept for questioning. It was determined that the occupants were members of the Cult of the Dragon and were working with the Ashmaadi. There has been a very secretive, and widespread incursion of the cult of Asmodeus into the Sharandar ranks over the past years. The company explored, inspected, and tore about the surrounding area to find various clues in help them in the Mayara Sulbrandil investigation. It had been determined that Mayara Sulbrandil had a ritual cast on her that bonded a devil inside of her, and marked her with the eye of Asmodeus. It was also learned that the Dwarf cutlist Feyveril, had laid a trap for Lady Merrisara Winterwhite. A group of Ashmaadi had fed her faulty information about an Elvish magic item cache, and were waiting to ambush her. The party used a sending ritual to warn her, but is not sure if she was warned in time or not. After twelve hours of gathering information, the party headed back to New Sharandar to try and save Mayara from her fate. With all of the new information in their hands, the party will now try and persuade the judges of Mayara’s innocence. Will they succeed? We will find out next week.



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