Angrad Nénharma

Wood elf ranger; werebear


Nénharma wears clothing rougher than the typical elf ’s garb, and he has a vaguely brutish air about him, unlike any other elf the characters have known. His speech is brusque and sometimes crude, and his manners are poor. If the characters ask the same
questions repeatedly or are rude, Nénharma shows flashes of ill temper. He controls himself, but not without a brief mental struggle. None of these characteristics are shocking, given Nénharma’s antisocial lifestyle, but they are odd in an elf.


Nénharma is an elf and a wereboar. He lives alone because he despises civilized company. The dire boar is his only companion; the two have developed a
tight animal–master bond. He guards some important lost artifacts of Shanadar. He has worked with Malcom Thann’s company in the past; surrendering a part of the Ashen Crown to the company.

Angrad Nénharma

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