Ex-harper, vampire and agent of Thay


A high-ranking member of the Harpers, Cymril was sent to Neverwinter to infiltrate the rebel faction, the Sons of Alagondar. She managed to rise to leadership of the organization with a year of her arrival, and was working to create a peace treaty between the Sons and New Neverwinter.

Before these efforts were able to gain much traction, Cymril was caught in an ambush by Neverember’s Mintarn mercenaries. Cymril was apparently killed during the attack. In the end, the mercenaries had slaughtered the entire group, and they left their bodies in the street as a warning to other dissidents. Afterwards, the Harper PC managed to pluck Cymril’s Harper pin from her vest, lest it fall into the wrong hands.

It was later revealed that Cyrmril fell to the influence of Thay and became one of Valindra Shadowmantle’s most prized agents. Her act effectively shattered an alliance between the Harpers and the Sons of Alagondar, convinced the Sons of Alagondar that Neverember was a heartless murderer, and that Thay offered the best chance for an alliance for the Sons.

As a result, for almost two years, the Sons of Alagondar carried out the whims of the Red Wizards, undermining Neverember at every chance possible. It was not until Malcolm Thann, along the the Harpers, managed to bring peace between the Sons and Neverember.



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