Dwarf assassin; key Ashmadai leader


If Mordai is the beautiful face of the Ashmadai, Favria represents its uglier reality- as the whip-scars across her face attest. Born as a slave to a group of Asmodeus-worshiping duergar, she escaped as a young adult after orchestrating a riot. Despite the abuses she suffered under the duergar, she has retained a vestige of her masters’ tyrannical faith.
Some years later, Favria made her way to Neverwinter in search of Gauntlgrym. There she found kindred souls in the form of the Ashmadai. Over time, she intimidated many of the group’s members into lining up behind her. With the city as a supply base, she continues to search for the lost dwarven city, which she intends to find and claim for her infernal master.
But she has other responsibilities as well. Hers is the face the Ashmadai shows to Valindra Shadow- mantle, whom she believes holds the cult’s coveted scepter of Asmodeus. Unlike Mordai, Favria knows what their god’s relic can do. And playing the obsequious servant doesn’t ruffle her feathers; she’s had plenty of practice. One day soon, she intends to slit some throats and claim her prize.

Mordai’s complete opposite, Favria has no patience for the highbrow dance that nobles and politicians frequently engage in. If she sees a problem, she picks up her crossbows, gathers some thugs, and takes care ofit. However, she does recognize the general value of Mordai’s approach, and she has no desire to disrupt his efforts, which have gained the Ashmadai many new cultists and a lot more power. So Favria avoids staying in the city for long periods. Instead, she has set up camp in the ruins of Thundertree. From there, she tracks activity in the city and everywhere the Thayans employ the Ashmadai, such as at the Dread Ring.

Favria has been responsible for some of the Ashmadai’s more ambitious plans in the Neverwinter region. She willingly surrendered a portion of the Ashen Crown to Malcom Thann. Her purpose was to permit the heroes to eliminate the Abolethic Soverighnity’s influence at Helm’s Hold, persuade the Prophet, Rohini, to rejoin the ranks of the Ashmadai, and use the Hex Locus as a conduit to open a gate to the Nine Hells. This gamble almost came to fruition, but Thann’s group destroyed the Hex Locus and killed the Prophet.

Her latest efforts have been focused on infiltrating the ranks of Old and New Shanadar to convince eladrin to join the cause of the Ashmadai. Surprisingly, she has had a great deal of success; her agents have manipulated many eladrins’ sense of xenophobia to convince them to join her in an effort to remove “all outsiders” from the Neverwinter woods. With a secure base in the heart of the Neverwinter Woods, making explorations to Mount Hotenow and possibly Gauntlgrym will become much easier.

Like their leader, the members of Favria’s sect are brutal and zealous, preferring to solve their problems with blades rather than words. They respect the dwarf for her battle prowess and acknowledge her wits. The cultists intend to help Favria find Gaundgrym. Of course, the Ashmadai leader has no idea that Asmodeus-worshiping duergar dwell at that site. Were she to find out, she might seek alliance with them for the good ofthe cult, or her hatred of those who abused her could overcome her good sense.



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