General Sabine


The grim and imposing commanding officer of the Mintarn guard in Neverember’s New Neverwinter. She is short and direct, leaving little room for flair or dramatic effect but with a cunning mind and agent’s and eyes reportedly everywhere…

General Sabine is a no-nonsense military officer with little patience and less humor. She is a tall human female with dark red hair and a stern demeanor. She is never seen unarmed or out of uniform.


Sabine originally hails from the island of Mintarn, a notorious free port in the Sea of Swords known as a haven for pirates and sellswords. The mercenary company that forms the bulk of the Neverwinter Guard were likewise recruited from Mintarn and placed under her command.

She has grown very close to Mordai Vell, and the two are reputed to be lovers. It is whispered that Mordai Vell has some degree of control of the Mintarn guards through his relationship with General Sabine.

General Sabine

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