Mayara Sulbrandil

Eladrin avenger of Selune, wanted for murder


Several years ago, Mayara Sulbrandil, an eladrin avenger of Sehanine Moonbow, killed her bodyguards during a botched investigation. Mayara was found gibbering and covered in blood, and was branded with the mark of Asmodeus. The bodies of her companions were strewn about the ruins. Because she seem mentally unfit for trial, the eladrin of Iliyanbruen initially exiled her, and Mayara fled to Neverwinter.

While living in Neverwinter in exile, she investigated the Ashamadai, whom she suspected were to blame for her predicament…… she even managed to get an invitation to one of Mordai Vell’s fabled masquerade parties. Shortly after, she was abducted by the Fey’ri and was confined in the dungeons of the School of Wizardry. During her time in captivity, she was repeatedly raped by the fey’ri bladesinger, Laelran Aelerothi. She gave birth to a male eladrin with teifling features.

Merrisara Winterwhite, the leader of the eladrin of New Sharandar, recently demanded that Mayara stand trial for her crimes. Merrisara sought to take Mayara into custody due to a shift in eladrin politics. It had recently been decided that she must be tried for her crimes. Mayara’s possession by a devil was fully revealed and she was taken into custody by Merrisara, Lady Winterwhite traveled to Neverwinter, where she intended to apprehend Mayara.

Lord Malcolm Thann agreed to surrender Mayara for trial, and his party agreed to serve as witnesses at her trail.


Mayara Sulbrandil

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