Queen Msuga

Orc Queen of the Sword Mountains


Thick of limb and torso, with musculature to match any male warrior, Queen Msuga is as formidable as she is indomitable. Her impressive size has even became more apparent after seizing the Bloodbone Throne of Uruth.. she now stands close to nine feet tall.

She successfully negotiated a deal with Malcolm Thann and executed a coup, removing Vansi as the leader of the orcs in the River District. Though some of the orcs questioned her power grab, none contest her reign now; scars from many victories mark her as rightful chieftain. She claims to be the consort to Gruumsh himself, with a divine mandate to force the all enemies, and even Obould’s kingdom at Many Arrows, into submission.

Msuga has more in mind than savage rampaging. She understands the benefits of civilization… infrastructure, technology, steel weapons, alliances, gold, and bureaucracy.

With the massive orc horde she assembled in the Sword Mountains, she intends to pacify the lands around the High Road that connect Port Llast, Neverwinter, Leilon, and Waterdeep. She believes after doing so, she can demand tribute for the use of this valuable road. The lizard folk of the Mere of Dead Men and their black dragon leader are the primary obstacle of this goal.


Fashioned from the skulls and bones of the fallen defenders of Uthtower and Phalorm, the Bloodbone Throne of Uruth resembles a heap of shattered skeletons more than 12 feet in diameter and 10 feet in height, magically fused into a single seat of power. The polished skills of six princes of Phalorm are paired to serve as steps up to the seat of the throne, itself shaped from the ribcage of a great crag cat of the North. The back of the throne is shaped in the form of a triangular stack of skills, each sporting the single eye of Gruumsh.
Many treasures of Uruth Ukrypt were plundered under the baneful gaze of the Kingslayer Sta in the Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), including the Bloodbone Throne of Uruth. The seat of Uruth Ukrypt’s first three kings was lost to Shammagar the black dragon during his plundering of the dwarf-built citadel of Melairrin. Roughly two centuries later, the wyrm lost the Bloodbone Throne in turn to Asilther Graelor, a beautiful half-elven rogue now famous for her theft of nearly his entire hoard.

What the stories of Asilther fail to disclose is that she was working for the mages of The Covenant, a group of wizards who sought to protect The North from the depredations of orcs and other evils. The mages of The Covenant realized that without the throne, no orc could legitimately claim to be Uruth’s heir and thus the new king of a revived orc kingdom of Uruth Ukrypt.

The throne was sealed away beneath The Covenant’s School of Wizardry in Neverwinter’s River District. In fact, it was sequestered within a demiplane that lay behind the legendary Door of Seven Stars. A group of Fey’ri occupied the school of Wizardry and seemed to intend to acquire the throne, but they were defeated by Msuga and Malcom Thann’s group.

Through his family connections and help of a powerful artifact, Malcolm Thann managed to access the demiplane, and gave Msuga the Bloodthrone.

Queen Msuga

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