Rohka the Blood Witch

Orc shaman


Never lurking far from the queen’s side is her twin sister, Rohka the Blood Witch. As high shaman, Rohka commands terrifying power, despite her withered body, and none dare cross the Blood Witch. It is whispered that Rohka is the true power behind the throne, with Msuga her unwitting puppet. Whatever the truth, the two sisters lust equally for power and conquest – woe to anyone who stands in their way.

Rohka was once afflicted by a powerful spellscar while under the direction of Vansi. The spellscar gave her incredible insight how to use the spellplague to create hybrid monsters, breeding the mightiest orc warriors with trolls and ogres. Once Malcolm Thann and his group used a ritual to remove her spellscar, she lost knowledge how to continue the perverse program.

The Blood Witch believes that powerful Netherese books on the subject of necromancy might be used to restart the program, using the Bloodhrone as a focus of power rather than the spellplague. Rohka claims that these half-breeds are crucial to the success of the burgeoning Sword Mountain Orc Horde.


Rohka the Blood Witch

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